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Gelmetix was founded in 2012, as a spin-out from the University of Manchester. Our patented polymer gel technology originated from over 25 years of work by Tony Freemont, Professor of Osteoarticular Pathology at Manchester’s School of Biological Sciences and Brian Saunders, Professor of Polymer and Colloid Chemistry at the university’s School of Materials.

Driven by deep understanding of degenerative joints and discs, they saw the potential to link microgel particles together to form injectable, durable and load bearing gels that could change the disc environment. Gelmetix was formed to deliver that technology to the world, led by a world-class team with extensive experience across medicine, business, and product development and successful launches.

In addition to treating chronic lower back pain, our polymer gel technology has the potential to be adapted and extended for other uses, including supplying viscosity and lubrification to small joints, facet joints of the spine and potentially larger joints – providing a broad solution to restore movement. Our gels also offer the potential to act as a carrier, allowing the introduction of anti-inflammatories or stem cells or other regenerative agents.

Our first product, DXM is entering the clinical trial stage of development, while our second product, SXM, continues to progress through pre-clinical development.

Our first product,
DXM is entering the clinical trial stage of development

Our polymer technology also aims to provide a solution to address the opioid epidemic

The treatment of chronic pain remains sub-optimal, with loss of response over time, and increasing risks of physical and psychological dependency as well. Most chronic back pain patients depend to some extent on chronic continuous or intermittent use of oral analgesics, including in some cases opiates such as pethidine. We hope that our polymer technology can help treat pain more effectively than painkillers by directly targeting the actual physical problems found in the inter-vertebral disc.

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We were named “one of the most promising biotech start-ups in Europe”
EIT Health Catapult December 2020

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