A new approach to pain

Gelmetix’s DXM is not a drug. It is a biological solution that intervenes at the early phase of degenerative disc disease. It restores water content and helps cells to return to their normal function. It provides a minimally invasive alternative to surgery or pain management and improvement in quality of life.

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Going to the source of pain

Gelmetix’s DXM tackles the source of chronic low-back pain by helping to restore the disc itself and relieve pain1,2. Injected under local anaesthetic, directly into the disc, which means an ambulant procedure. DXM is an investigational product and not yet publicly available.

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A platform for development

Gelmetix’s patented polymer technology provides a platform for tackling pain and restoring movement for chronic low-back pain, and in joints throughout the body. Our gels also offer the potential to act as a carrier, allowing the introduction of regenerative agents. This flexibility creates great potential for Gelmetix to offer an extendable technology platform.

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1Gelmetix data on file (preclinical)
2An injectable nucleus replacement as an adjunct to microdiscectomy: 2 year follow-up in a pilot clinical study. Berlemann U, Schwarzenbach O. Eur Spine J. 2009;18:1706–1712.