Gelexir becomes Gelmetix

Gelexir Healthcare announces rebranding and becomes ‘Gelmetix’, in line with its new multi-product strategy

01 July 2018

We are proud to announce that our rebranding process is now complete. Gelexir
Healthcare, known for being a spin off of the University of Manchester and for its cutting edge R&D work on non-invasive treatments for Chronic Low Pain, officially becomes Gelmetix.

This rebranding process has been developed in line with our new multi-product strategy, focused on three large unmet medical needs: chronic low back pain, small joints osteoarthritis and knee osteoarthritis, and to enable Gelmetix to reach a wider audience, through a new website, videos and social media accounts, as we move closer to clinical trials and commercialisation.

Philippe Jenny, CEO of Gelmetix, stated that “We are very excited to share the new branding which is highlighting our multi biomimetic gel, multi application, multi product strategy. This branding will better identify us on the orthopaedic market while opening multiple new business opportunities.

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