Clinical trials (research studies) are the only way for potentially new and helpful treatments for medical and surgical conditions to be tried out, under careful and ethical scrutiny.

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We are recruiting patients aged 18 to 55 with chronic lower back pain due to early-stage degenerative lumbar disc disease.

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Eligibility questionnaire

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Benefits of getting involved

Participating in clinical trials can be a great way to get access to novel, innovative treatments, especially important in chronic conditions such as chronic low back pain, where so few options are available.

Where is the trial taking place?

We are delighted to have three health centres in France participating in the trial, under renowned spinal disease expert consultants.

We have received approval to being the trial from the French medical regulator, l’ANSM (30 December 2019) and the Ethics Committee (28 March 2020).

We will also be rolling the trial out to Australia in due course.

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Video of named surgeon explaining why they are participating in the trial

Q & A

Is this the right treatment for me?

  • Over the last 3 months I have suffered from pain in the lower back

    Regular physiotherapy and taking painkillers during the last three months did not help

    An MRI scan of my lumbar spine showed a degenerative disc

    My physician and I decided that this low-risk treatment with the gel is the best option for me

How does the day of treatment look like?

  • The minimally invasive procedure is done at a clinic or hospital in an outpatient care setting

    The patient can go home at the same day 

    Under sterile conditions the patient lies on his/her belly and receives a light anaesthetic injected in my lower back 

    The liquid gel is applied into the relevant disc – it takes only a few minutes for the injected gel to become the consistency of a healthy disc 

    Within one to two hours after the procedure the patient will be able to leave the clinic 

What do I have to do after the procedure?

  • Physician will give the patient a plan to progressively return to day-to-day activities within one to two weeks 

    Pain medication can gradually be reduced while chronic pain goes away 

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